One language. Two points of view.

A breath-taking rollercoaster ride that tackles top moments in culture and the nuances of two nations;
The United Kingdom of Great Britain vs The United States of America.
The demographic is dead. 

With 300+ million listeners on Spotify, no two listeners are alike – the same can be said for the way they stream. Meet a bunch of people who share nothing more than a name (and an audio commercial).
Credits ~ Creative Agency: Spotify | Strategy Consultants: Otherly Entertainment | 
Global Director: Rob Walker | Creative Lead/Copywriter: MIKE Cuthell | Creative Strategist: Ed Bagnall | 
Audio Production: Daniel Brunelle @ Diplomacy Music | Talent: Thomas Turgoose, Sid Sagar, Elliot Barnes-Worrell, Richie Campbell, Céline Jane Atangana, Andrew Goddard, Oliver Hembrough & Norah Opara

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