2020 has been a “cultural wake-up call,” as Gen Zs and millennials overwhelmingly told us in this year in Spotify's Culture Next report. This reckoning has inspired a global movement demanding racial equality and representation for all. For many of us in the creative and advertising industries, that rallying cry has been heard loud and clear — and it prompted us to take a closer look at our own institutions. 

Introducing Outside Voice, an annotated playlist series celebrating and amplifying BIPOC voices in the global creative community. Each month, rising stars in the industry will create original playlists that feature their favourite music alongside spoken-word annotations – A platform to tell personal stories, discuss their creative passion, and speak to important social issues affecting underrepresented communities. 
Season one kicks off with Juan Reyes - Brand Narrative Director at Nike,
– and Alyza Enriquez - Video Producer + Writer at VICE Media.
Press: Adweek (But more importantly, genuine respect and support from the BIPOC Creative Community).
Credits ~ Agency: Spotify Advertising Talent: Juan Reyes (Nike) & Alyza Enriquez (VICE Media) | Global Director: Rob Walker | Creative Lead: MIKE Cuthell| Senior Creative: Tye Comer |Senior Copywriters: Janelle Anne, Chip Dwyer | Content Manager: Adam Offitzer | Designer: Becky Eaton | Head of Comms: Erin Styles | Audio Production: Ben Clogg 

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