The modern family holiday. When everyone's there, but no one's really present. Enter Sonos to shake things up.
A short film-turned-music-video with a ton of cut-downs, social, digital and design content.

Directed by Jason Koenig & DP'd by Larry Fong (300 / Kong etc). Feat. Lady Miss Kier and plenty of people who can dance way better than I can.
Credits ~ Director: Jason Koenig at Anonymous Content | Cinematograper: Larry '300' Fong | Choreographer: Anna Matuszewski | Asst. Choreographer: Hannah Wintrode |  Talent: Lady Miss Kier | Dancers: Marie Poppins, Nikki Womac, Will Roberts, Elizabeth Gray, Camille Fehr, Gaylord Flynn, Phi Voba, Mariah Spears, Makia Chantel, Edwin Bennett, Michael Williams, Josh Beauchamp & Reyn Doi. | Agency: Anomaly New York | Creatives: MIKE Cuthell, Josh Chua, Ben Dean, Ida Gronblom | Exec. Producer: Jenn Pennington | Design: Justin Tang | Edit: Cut & Run | Special FX: Ntropic
The One & Only... Reyn Doi
The Lads

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