The launch of Budweiser Prohibition Brew (0% alcohol) into its first ever market, Canada.
The solution was simple. Tell it like it is. Prohibition Brew doesn't just taste like beer, it is beer.
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While fans appreciated that the beer did indeed taste like beer, despite not being beer in 2017, they didn't quite understand the point of drinking beer without any alcohol percentage – and thus, the sub-brand went kaput as COVID hit in 2020.
But never fear! For the love of beer, the fans were outraged and so Budweiser announced the launch of another 'Non-Alcoholic' beer called "Budweiser Zero". 
Credits ~  Edit & Post: Rock, Paper, Scissors | Agency: Anomaly New York | Creatives: MIKE Cuthell, Paul Mann, Dave Tomkins & Harrison Luongtran | Design: Marty Routledge | Producer: Lourdes Vasquez

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