We introduced 'The Grumbler' to the UK after over ten years in the celeb spotlight across Europe. Think Tony the Tiger (Frosties) but for Yoghurts. We created four short films which pitted our anti-hero #TheGrumbler against a range of characters, including real-life vlogging sensation Alfie Deyes as well as fictional characters such as a florist, office worker and a gamer. 

Given 'The Grumbler' had an entourage bigger than Kanye's crowd, working with this little yellow angry fellow (the puppet) from Poland was a strange one. Needless to say, thanks to his loyal ripped-gym-going following the ads for this boutique yoghurt-brand (Brit. spelling) were BELIEVE IT OR NOT a smashing success.
I mean, you might not know about this if you aren't an avid reader of "The Grocer" – your loss. 
Credits ~ Director: Zac Ella at Agile Films | Talent: Alfie Deyes | Agency: Naked London | Creatives: Mike Cuthell, Paul Mann

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